Commissioning Procedure

1 Introduction
This document describes step-by-step instructions for integration of a RBS 6000 series.
2 Objective
This document serves the purpose of describing the procedure related to the
Commissioning and integration of a RBS 6000 series. This first version will concentrate on the
RBS 6201, the indoor macro version.
3 Prerequisites
Complete RBS carry-in, installation, and check power system.
4 Tools for Verification
4.1 PC Tools
Windows 7 or Vista, laptop, PC
Pre-install / pre-configure the following tools according to the document
titled “EMAS Installation Guide”.
•  Java plug-in version is 1.5 for ENodeB Element Manager
•  Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
•  HyperTerminal or Putty and serial terminal software
•  FTP client software installed (Filezilla or Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional) NB! If Filezilla is
used, be sure to set the FTP transfer method to Binary.
4.2 Software
•  The latest RBS Software Packages BP_CXP102083%10_R6T.
•  Site specific .xml files.
1. xxxxxxSiteInstall (xxxxxx is the Identity of the eNodeB)
4.3 Hardware
•  Ethernet crossover RJ45 to RJ45 cable for RBS-Thin Client connection (Ethernet).
•  Serial RS-232C, RJ45-Dsub9 cables for RBS-Thin Client connection.
5 Configuration
In this document the following notation is used for commands.

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